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                  Support When You Need It

                  Getting Help from the Community


                  We have a lot of documentation. Be sure to check our getting started page, and all our guides. Also check out our FAQ section and Quarkus Tips Playlist.

                  Stack Overflow

                  Ask your questions on Stack Overflow. After the documentation, it’s probably the best place to look for answers. We actively monitor the Quarkus tag.

                  Live Chat

                  If you prefer live chat with the developers, we have a Zulip chat where we all hang out.

                  Mailing List

                  You can also ask questions on our mailing list. Join the group via email or by visiting the Google Groups page.

                  Need More Than Community Support?

                  If you require a higher level of support, you have options.

                  Red Hat Build of Quarkus

                  Enterprise support provided by Red Hat for the product.

                  Red Hat Support